National and international Transport





"About Us"

Varied transport

We are a specialized freight transport company that operates on national and international territory.
We offer transport services all over Europe providing with professional, punctual and serious drivers and also with efficient vehicles.

Specialize in refrigeration

NECTIBERIU SRL wants to offer to its clients the possibility to transport a very large variety of products guaranteeing security, promptitude, efficiency and professionalism at the most efficient prices not only on the national territory but also on the international one.

monitoring satellite system

Our firm works with the most modern and efficient equipment, each unit having also a monitoring satellite system, so we can guarantee the transport of the products in the most secure and best conditions.

Our firm is based on professionalism, experience, sobriety, precision, punctuality and on the commitment to complete its tasks.

"Car Fleet"

Head units tucks of which :
VOLVO EURO 5 FH 440 units
VOLVO EURO 6 FH 500 units

Loading Characteristics

22 - 24 tons of different products
43 flower carriages

We provide

Refrigerated Trailers
Curtainsider Trailers


"Our Services"


All our units are equiped with Dynafleet monitoring satelite system so we can follow the good evolution of the carriage of the goods and it allows us to give information to our clients about the exact position of their goods at any time We have partners of trust who provides us with high quality refrigerated and curtainsider trailers.

NECTIBERIU SPEED SRL does it best to respect the client requests, the fundamental rights of its employees, the protection and security working rules, AETR rules and also the enviroment.

Our employees are very important to us, they are the fundamental asset of this company, they are highly qualified, they work with a lot of professionalism and are in continuous development.

Printing the temperature receipt

We transoprt the products at different temperature using special devices with double refrigerated separators. For this reason, we have to be very careful to the variety of the products we load and we are always monitorating the functionality of each refrigerator. Infact, at the end of the freight, we always print the temperature note giving it to our client so we can guarantee the good process of our transport service.

Various Freight Transport

  • Food Products
  • Flowers
  • Groupages
  • Palletized Cargo
  • Machinery
  • ETC

high valuable merchandise transport

  • Drugs
  • Clothing products
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumery
  • Electronics and appliances
  • ETC


CALL US with confidence for our services and we can offer you a high quality transport of your good at best prices.

+ 40 761 907 443

+ 39 348 247 0060

Our clients are very important to our firm. They want high quality, prompt, sure and efficient services at a very convenient price and we always try to satisfy their requests in a very sure and prompt way.

We always offer solutions which give to our clients the chance to take their best decisions so they can be sure that their goods will be carried in the most secure and convenient conditions.